Tuesday, September 9, 2008

spooky sultana

it's a rainy day here, and it's starting to cool off finally and i can feel fall coming.
with fall comes halloween, my favorite holiday of the year.
with halloween comes all the creepy things, so i was feeling a little damien hirst, a little mad scientist when i came across san francisco dealer's site sultana
if ever i need a medical chart or scientific specimen, or just a couple of taxidemy wild boar heads, i know where to go.

vintage modular polished steel filing system

vintage giant cockroach from exterminator's vehicle

mid-century german medical lamp

i wish i could give this as a present to my dad.

four lab specimen displays

large hammerhead taxidermy mount
that comes with....

this photograph of the hippie who caught it.

pair of pre-art deco bronze railroad sconces
i love these. they look like insect eyes.

late 1920's polished steel file cabinet/bookshelf

1950's folding campaign desk

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