Friday, September 19, 2008


my sweetheart is finally back from his long trip
and i'm so excited!
and now it's time to set up and furnish his new apartment.
he needs a chair and loves the soane crillon chair
but i have a feeling it might be a bit beyond the realm of the possible.
if you catch my drift.
still, it's an incredible chair and soane's photos of interiors they have done are also super great
a little too fancy/stuffy for me perhaps, but still lovely

oh no i can feel an obsession coming on with the green tiled kitchen.
and i actually truly love this kitchen, and the pot of greenery on the table
(and those chairs and bookcases (in the kitchen!))
pushes me over the edge

these are renderings for the new chicago spire
which is going to look pretty neat when it's done
and soane did the interiors and furnishings for all the renderings!

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