Sunday, September 7, 2008

clare's wedding

priscilla of boston

so, next spring, one of my very best friends in the world, since middle school, is getting married.
i'm so thrilled for her - she's incredible and the future mr. clare is so great
i'm also so thrilled for the wedding.
i seriously can't wait - i've already developing new dance moves.
so, in honor of my silky heathen (clare) i've pulled together some bridesmaid's dresses that i think would allow us fancy ladies to
1) dance like lunatics
2) drink lots of champagne and beer
3) eat lots of cake and crabcakes

the color is sage
and the bride is a gem.

priscilla of boston

jcrew spring 2009
actually, i think that dress wouldn't permit crabcakes eating, but i like it anyway

jcrew 2009 spring collection

jim hjelm

i'm going to dance so hard and eat so much cake.
i. can't. wait.

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