Monday, September 29, 2008


i went to the museum of arts and design yesterday, so excited, like it was christmas!
and then when i got there not only was it raining, but there was a line around the corner.
there were, however, some pretty spectacular balloon people/monsters outside, which i'll address later today.
so i'll be going back next saturday morning at 11:00 am, opening time.
the last thing i want is to go there when it's totally packed full of people and i can't see anything,
as was my experience at design and the elastic mind.
such a bummer.
but anyway, i'm more than excited
i've always liked the design room (and the lithographs and prints room) at the moma the best,
so i feel like this museum was sort of made for me.
plus i also love the folk art museum, which makes m.a.d even more perfect - i get a strong folk feeling (hello, arts & crafts heaven).
i'm really glad, though not surprised, that tara donovan is included in the second lives exhibition, but i'm especially excited to see stuart haygarth's chandelier in person and also susie macmurray's latex glove dress (above and below), and also el anatsui's work (i love, love, love his piece in the met's masterpieces of modern design) and the campana brothers' creation (here too).
and if the photographs from the nytimes' visit to second lives are any indication of how great it will be, then it's probably going to be a pretty wonderful saturday.

susie macmurray - a mixture of frailties

tara donovan - bluffs

freddie robins - craft kills
from radical lace and subversive knitting

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Lolo said...

Hi, I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago and have been following daily since. I noticed you put some images up that reminded me of Tara Donovan's work and then I scroll down and there she is....And I just discovered Tara Donovan yesterday. Needless to say I was so happy to see other people looking at her work. Anyways, thanks.