Monday, September 1, 2008


yesterday was the greatest afternoon.
we went to dumbo to the baxter & liebchen showroom - which is awesome - to see the settee.
it was just as great as i expected!
hans olsen is my favorite
and it was so funny because it's tiny and when my boo was sitting in it he said he felt like shaq.

then we walked to the park along the water, and truly, dumbo is perfect.
i would love to live there, even though it's all families and older people, it's so quiet and clean, and the park is wonderful, and the views are wonderful, and it's just so great.
but anyway, it was a perfect day, and then it was even more perfect because all along the water were these crazy artworks and the best of all was michael mutt's creature.
it looked like some wonderful broken toy monster had come out of the water and was sunning himself.

so then we decided to visit the waterfalls again.
i'm really not too crazy about them, but from the dumbo side, it looked really neat.

what a gorgeous day.

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