Friday, October 31, 2008


oh man
prada's costume jewelry collection
i very, very much want the top one


by elizabeth weinberg


catherine malandrino is celebrating her 10th anniversary in fashion with a coffee table book.


nylon has a preview of charlotte ronson's diffusion line for jcpenney
and holy hell - it's awesome.
called i heart ronson, prices fall between 16$ to 65$ which is awesome for me,
especially considering this...


awesome fliers by chris sherron:
"taking a queue from hip hop culture, these posters were made to provoke attention towards an unacknowledged city by starting beef with well-known, prosperous cities in hopes to gain notoriety."


i love this.
work-club created a story and cast of creatures to show nokia's sponsorship of the royal parks half marathon - but it gets better:

"We combined the world of marathon running mascots with the woodland world of the Royal Parks. We created a cast of woodland animal athletes that would compete on race day, and documented their progress to the build up of the big race. We produced a ‘Nokia Woodland Creatures Spotters’ Guide’ so spectators at the race could keep an eye out for our team of squirrels, badgers, foxes and rabbits, and motivational running posters featuring our furry athletes that were displayed around the course, on moving digital displays and in the Nokia ‘Log Cabin’ rest area. The best piece of branding however turned out to be when our Woodland Rabbit mascot, Kenyan distance athlete John Murithi, won the whole race. Dressed as a rabbit. He won the half marathon. That’s 13 miles in just over 60 minutes. Dressed as a rabbit."


beautiful boxes for the most beautiful macarons
from pierre herme

tulip fields in the netherlands


a.p.c. always gets it right
so simple, so lovely.
just perfect.

a/w 09

greetings earthlings

halloween is my favorite holiday
i love dressing up so much
i'm going as a martian, because i'm always something from outer space.
jane is going as a zebra,
ari is going as a bear,
alexandra is dressing as prince,
jennalise is alex mack in liquid form,
eric is mr. rogers,
worth is going as red forman from that 70's show
(if you know worth, it's so perfect)
and my beau is dressing as a chicago bears superfan.

Thursday, October 30, 2008