Tuesday, September 30, 2008



sequined goat sandal with functioning bulb heel

remember la lights?

when i was a little kid

when i was a little kid,
by the floor of my dream house was one giant aquarium,
the terrestrial version of a glass bottom house-boat.
i'm pretty glad i got over that.

hidden in/fancy pants

i wish i could go to this

strange new species found on great barrier reef
there are more than these three...


while i was on national geographic, i found this
enneapterygius pusillus, enneapterygius pusillus, and calcareous alga in the genus amphiroais all glow red.

visualizing the bible

you have to read about it


this reminds me of mira schendel
who is great

mira schendel droguinhas

brass at vermillion

gabriella crespi brass serving vessels


fatima dresser

lita bed


phillipp mainzer at e15

panorama project

misaki kawai nice hero

jordan awan two men in the small hours of the night

courtney wotherspoon please, come sit with me

cassie ramone welcome to california

kim scarfuro story land


above, hair drawings
yes, hair.
so gross (i love it.)

9 globe bubble light 24 k

birds and the bees

glass globe rolled in italian 14k gold


icff booth (those are all gold stickers(!))

cluster table lamp

lindsey adelman is so awesome - i don't know what to say or do

dear santa,


update: actually, this one instead


so the balloon monsters/creatures i saw outside the opening of mad
were by jason hackenwerth.
my boo hates them/is totally grossed out by them
which i understand i guess, but i think they're pretty great.
they looked especially great in the rain outside mad/columbus circle with people hiding in them, making their "wings" flutter.
too bad my camera is pretty much useless - i'll put up the pictures i took on my phone soon.
jason is a scad graduate.
oh man, i want to go to savannah!

top three from
summersong / steeplechase
seoul 2006

honeysuckle labrynth
nyc 2006

revenge of the megadon
new haven, 2006

Monday, September 29, 2008

by hannah

apparat no. 1
suddenly my wall was a mess - and i like it
this totally deserves a closer look by all yall.

all new london series wallpapers from hannah werning

tiles wallpaper poster - which looks totally awesome on her website

there are endless amazing things on her website.
it's a little overwhelming.