Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ken takahashi

so yesterday my boyfriend moved.
the circumstances were a little strange - his building is i think 104 years old, so half of it is basically disintegrating.
he had planned on moving out anyway, and because his apartment wasn't falling apart, the management company had his neighbor, ken, move in.
we come to find out that his neighbor, ken takahashi, is an incredible designer/artist.
he's designed for calvin klein home, martha stewart, ralph lauren, and banana republic, and disney.
he gave me one of the blossom accent plates, seen above, from the calvin klein graffiti collection, and i love it. the pattern is indented in thick ivory colored glaze - it's really really gorgeous.
he showed me his portfolio, and my favorites were for sure the graffiti collection for calvin klein, particularly the black mug below (and my plate!) and his work for martha stewart's collaboration with wedgewood (the "bouquet" plates in particular).
i also loved a paisley print he did for a banana republic bikini a few years back, and this summer another print of his, a bright tropical paisley on a ralph lauren gown from the 2008 cruise collection, is on display in the store's window on madison avenue.
the calvin klein collections as well as the martha stewart are all at macy's
and ken is incredible!

calvin klein "graffiti"

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