Saturday, August 30, 2008

mama mama

"when i went home for Christmas 1976, i had to have sinus surgery, and my mother was very practical and knowledgeable when it came to surgery of her seven kids."

"i was about to graduate from college, and my mother had always being hard to photograph."

"she loved flamenco dancing and reciting poems in french."

"the ultimate flamenco pose for her"

"it was so normal to see photos of her with her eyes closed"

"funny !"

my dad's photographs of my grandmother in her house in caracas

mr. lizard

my brother (or as my dad calls him - mr. lizard - and as i say - the liz - whichever you prefer) moved,
and sent me these great pictures from abu dhabi
i really, really, really hope he's having fun.
he's the nicest ever.

california pool by bernard trainor
from the nytimes home & garden

photos: jason liske

i used to love the paris apartment,
and i still do but i think not as obsessively -
although i really really love this dorothy draper lacquer cabinet

Friday, August 29, 2008


fall is here!
and so comes topshop to new york - finally - this october.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

the small object (again)

i really really really do.

the everyday valentine.

the small object

embossed reply stickers from the small object.
peaches are better.

stephane verdino

square leather tote

matelot north/south tote
oh man i love these.
particularly the grey.

tim walker

dress lamp tree

lisa cant + 80 white rabbits

lily spiral staircase
tim walker posters via london design museum shop

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

jalea jalea

i'm just tickled that everyone is giving bugs a little love this year.
these all came from jalea jalea
and there's totally wonderful.
the collection is named 18,08 cabinet of wonders and the names of the smaller collections within it fit with the victorian era natural curiosities vibe - appropriate for fall's goth revival.

even though i love bugs so much (so much!), i think this one might actually be my favorite.
the oxidized chain is so beautiful,
and the shape of the pendant reminds me of this painter i love...

gilt group

the lunchtime lull allowed me to indulge in gilt group's loomstate sample sale.
i think i'm going to love these, but i can't say if i got them because i need some fresh jeans (which i do) or because i was going bananas all morning and just needed a shot of retail therapy.


french sailor's shirt

seen above is my absolute favorite top i own. actually, i love it so much i have three.
it would be a terrible understatement to say that i love stripes - more accurate to say that i feel like a million bucks in a sailor inspired boatneck top.
on a recent shopping trip with the lovely lady, ct, i picked up two new ones (one is organic cotton and perfectly baggy and soft with a little pocket over the left side (heaven!)), and it was then that i realized i have a problem with stripes.
it's because deep down in my heart of hearts, i think i'm actually jacques cousteau.*

french sailor's shirt

steven alan gathered sweater

sea silk dress with pintucks

rag and bone striped silk camisole

seriously? why don't i have this already?

rails peyton long sleeve stripe tee

french national navy sailor shirt

comete hood breton fishing sweatshirt
even better perfection - cozy and lovely.
i'm going to need to get some black capris to wear with this guy.

* sometimes i also think i'm lil' wayne, but that's mostly when i'm running, or when i'm on the subway at rush hour, and i'm feeling particularly tough.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1010 woodland in the uae

says my brother, now in abu dhabi
"see the top"

brad ford

brad ford bathroom

penguin classics

not only great books,
but beautiful covers make lovely products.
too bad they're coming from the uk shop bloomsbury
and so i can't have them