Friday, September 26, 2008

dear annette

remember how you had a tongue ring when we met?
remember when we were so funny we should have done stand up?
remember how awkward stand up makes us feel?
remember how terrible our papers were for vasu's class?
remember millery?
remember reading quizzes?
remember when i became the sea monster?
remember being nervous for italian exams?
remember when i came over that summer afternoon and we tanned on your roof?
only i didn't have my swimsuit so i bought those underwear next door?
remember when you were in ghana and i missed you so much?
remember how great it was when you came back?
remember that time i got mugged by a tranny?
remember when we had our colloquiums?
remember how hard we worked on them?
remember how terrible it was when we realized it didn't matter?
remember when we got our ears pierced together?
remember when glenda caught a seizure?
remember how terrible glenda's friends were?
remember how hard i danced at you at the bar the other day?

i already can't wait for you to come back.

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