Monday, October 6, 2008

my new and wonderful things

so, as i said, i went to the 25th street flea market
and it was awesome
and here are the great little goodies that i picked up

this lamp will soon be transformed...

this little stool will not be transformed, because i like it exactly as it is

i love this

this one says "thou shalt not commit adultery"

a little antique victorian button with a tiny raven
i think i might make this in to something for my hair

some more wonderful victorian buttons

little golden duck buttons

these are these weird ermine tassles!
i don't know what i'll do with them but i love them.

a lovely little spoon

an ugly necklace with some nice beads and a pretty charm

matching cameo necklaces
these charms will be great in my project

i think i might go back to the 25th st market this weekend,
potentially with a. king?
she's really excited about all the furs for sale.

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