Thursday, October 9, 2008


banksy unveiled his newest piece yesterday-
in the w. village at 89 seventh avenue south, near bleeker.
it sounds pretty neat, and i love those hot dogs.
since it's in my neighborhood i think i'll stop by on my way home today.

"This one is not a mural but an installation: a mock pet supply shop, filled with animatronic creatures like a rhesus monkey and would-be creatures like fish sticks swimming in a tank. The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill, as the green awning reads, is Banksy’s first official exhibition in New York, his representatives say, and it will be open to the public daily through Oct. 31.

'Open for Pet Supplies/Rare Breeds/Mechanically retrieved meat' says a sign in front of the shop. Bales of hay dot the sidewalk, along with a kiddie dolphin ride, wrapped in a fishing net like the day’s catch. But it is the leopard in one of the storefront windows that stops passers-by first. 'Is that — real?' a woman asked on Wednesday, peering at a large furry object perched on a tree branch, its tail swinging."

images and text via the new york times

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