Thursday, October 30, 2008

dear jane

"brilliant wings" installation by moonjung kim and songsu kang from ylem
they're made from sticky tape using a mould from a human hand

here's a story
jane is my best friend.
when we were freshman in highschool in austin we did theater together
one of the seasonal plays was a disney musical -
about 30 of us had to learn all the words to various disney songs.
it was terrible.
anyway, the opening number was something cheesy
- i can't remember -
but we had to learn it in sign language
we were asked to wear all black and with these white gloves
(only the school couldn't afford that many pairs of white gloves so we all only had one).
then the plan was that they would turn off all the lights, except for a few black lights
and the effect would be of about 60 floating, signing hands in the darkness.
jane and i planned to wear semi sheer black tops and white cotton bras
so amidst the hands would be two floating brassieres.
only, the school couldn't buy enough black lights either and the plan didn't really work.
oh well, jane is the best.

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ylem said...

The hands symbolizes the effort of the human.
The effort is the brilliant wings that can make our dream come true.
The future is in own hands.