Friday, October 3, 2008


boyy makes gorgeous, gorgeous bags.
i have the frank (above) and have carried it pretty much every single day since i got it.
and it's starting to look a little tired.
so, i'm on the hunt for a new bag.
i'm considering purchasing that deadly ponies fill n'zip in grey, but i'm just not totally sure.
i really think i want another boyy.

the doy

the little doy
i really want the big doy (no doy) but it's pretty far out of my range, so i might splurge on the little doy
in clay
or tea with milk (isn't that the best color name?)

again, there's the little giacomo version, which i also really, really like in grey

the drake
i love this one.
there's a red leather version on sale at tobi,
but i don't think i like it in red.

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