Monday, October 13, 2008


i love to cook
and one of my favorite things to make is soup
i've been experimenting a lot lately
and this one is my favorite.
it's pureed butternut squash, beets, fennel, and mint
and i put in lots of cayenne pepper and a tiny bit of honey
and wasabi powder
a little of everything, and it actually in the end tastes amazing!
it's this wonderful deep red color* and is very spicy but also sweet.
the best thing about it is that it's so healthy.
there's no butter or oil, and very little salt, just wonderful veggies.
my boyfriend tasted it and he loves it too,
but what he said about it is part of what makes me love him.
he said:
"you know, the reason i love beets is because when i eat them, it's what i imagine grass would taste like when i smell it."
i think he's right!

*please pardon the terrible photo, it looks a lot better in person

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