Thursday, July 24, 2008

skinny atlas

it had been months since my sweetie and i got out of the city, so last weekend we took the long drive upstate to the fingerlakes. a friend of my family recommended skaneateles (skinny-atlas), but truly, we were so miserable being stuck in the city that we didn't care so much where we went - just as long as we went.
but my friend couldn't have been more right. the town was fantastic.
but the best part, was the farm house we stayed in.
it's called hobbit hollow bed & breakfast. which is a pity, because hobbits are freaky and this place is a gem.

no dust ruffles, no chintz, no faux ivy wall hangings, no kidding.

the best part was behind the house is an incredible vegetable patch. there were baby squash growing with huge yellow blossoms (yum), fresh raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.
and all of that was next to a field with horses.
and all of that was across the street from a vineyard.
which was all right on the lake.
and was so great.

the porch. i love a good porch.
these chairs were remarkably comfortable.
i'd like to know where they came from.

and then we went to ithica - which is also stunning - and we adventured up this creek to the waterfall.
so refreshed.

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