Monday, July 28, 2008

my stupid dresser

after about a month of it sitting in a box by my front door, i finally put together my new dresser.
it took around 8 hours and two nights - ikea is officially the worst.
however, the result is pretty nice.
many, many thanks to my boyfriend for being so great and putting it together even though he had a sinus infection.
i painted the knobs light blue to match a mirror hanging over my couch - it doesn't look so hot in these pictures, but in person it looks great. i really want to get some glass globe knobs, but at the moment my funds are low, so i'm going to have to wait until more riches roll in.
i put some of my favorite things on it -

the candle is from lexington gardens and it's beeswax and smells fantastic
the little scorpion is from my trip to tunisia, and i like it because its in a medical bottle, and because it's awesome.
the wall- e is remote controlled and i'm pretty sure he came from heaven.
and that old alarm clock came from the domino prop sale - it works, but i don't have the key to change the time and also the tick is so loud it will drive me bananas. at first though i thought i had finally found my perfect alarm clock, but of course i wasn't that lucky.

now i'm going to use my old dresser as storage for all my arts and crafts goodies.
speaking of which, coming soon - pictures from my project after the hexapus
obsession - the monsters quilt!

it looks like a little kid's dresser here, but it's beautifully glossy and looks almost lacquered

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