Wednesday, July 30, 2008

monsters quilt

all my friends know i'm a granny, and it's really hard to get me to put down my arts and crafts to do anything else - but i just love making things.
especially sewing things.

so, here they are. the first two monsters on my monsters quilt.
it's a follow up to the hexapus project.
on the back side is inky blue velvet. this side is white flannel printed with a white pattern of butterflies and flowers - it's totally subtle and a great backdrop for my parade of monsters, and so so cuddly.

the pictures didn't come out so well here because my camera is pretty old, but they're made up of tiny tiny stitches, using lots of different colors of thread to get the right effect.
if you click on the pictures you can see the detail much more clearly.

this guy with the green head was the first one. i'm really proud of his scales, in person they look amazing.
by boyfriend hates this monster though and can't wait until i give him eyes.

i'm so bummed out that the scales look like that. they're made up of five different colors of thread, and one of them is holographic - so it sparkles really beautifully.
the face, hands and feet are of holographic green thread.

this is the second monster i made.
i love him.
i especially love his feathers, which took forever and ever, and his feet, which are completely embroidered in silver thread, and his drool.

i love monsters!
i have some good ideas for the next monsters to come.
this quilt is going to be the most wonderful thing i've ever made i think once it's finished, although i really do love the hexapus(es)(i)

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