Wednesday, July 30, 2008

kiel mead

i know his work has been everywhere, particularly his gold forget me knot ring,
which i wear nearly every day and love so much,
but kiel just did a collaboration with 45 kilo at the future perfect (where he works, and i met him when i was getting my beautiful ring, he's super nice) called cleanliness is next to godliness - "exploring catholicism in a modern world."
i love it -
the pictures don't come out so well here, but the halo light - an industrial looking white pole topped with white "halo" is particularly wonderful. if i had it in my apartment i think i would stand under it all day.

i'm also glad i took a look at 45 kilo 's work, which i hadn't investigated before.
i think this socket table is pretty genius.

the whole thing is basically one big power strip.
pretty neat.
it reminds me of my dad's childhood house in venezuela - his dad rigged up the floorboards so that they had two continuous grooves which worked as electrical outlets. that way, you could plug something in anywhere.

i also love this chair, which they describe as a reinterpretation of jasper morrison's ply chair.

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