Monday, July 28, 2008

secret crush

pretty much since forever, i've loved to paint my nails.
it all started when i was 8 and went to costa rica with my dad and my brother.
i found a bottle of green nail polish there and thought it was the strangest, best thing i'd ever seen.
i was obsessed for years and had this huge fishing tackle box full of nail polish that i took on sleepovers with me.
my dad also used to let me paint his toenails, which he stopped letting me do when one time he was stranded at a gas station in plano, tx wearing tevas with these yellow toenails with blue spots.
a grown main with glittery toe-nails doesn't go over so well in the more traditional areas of texas.
my boss just got back from a cruise to alaska where she visited a store called del sol, that sells products that change color in the sun.
she's the best, and she brought me back three bottles of nail polish that change color.
my favorite is "secret crush."
indoors it's a pale, pearly pink color, but in the sun it's supposed to turn bright purple.
i'm really excited to try it.

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