Wednesday, July 23, 2008

good morning

for the past few months, i've woken up every morning to the mexican hat dance playing out of my nokia 3120 (circa 2004). and it's getting pretty annoying. it's embarrassing enough to still use that piece of space-age "technology", but it's about a hundred times worse that the soundtrack to my commute, playing on loop in my head, is its digitized version of the mexican hat dance.
that said, i think it's time to buy a grown up alarm clock.
now that i have a real job, i am, after all, a grown up.

i love this one.
not only will it wake me up, but it displays the temperature, and it's gold.
and it's from the conran shop.
let me take this opportunity to declare two things:
i love gold
i love the conran shop.

i really like this one too.
i feel like waking up to this guy would make me feel clean, and fresh, and happy - but i'm not actually sure he has an alarm. so the waking up might not happen.
i love this one,

and especially this one. though coming in at $1,349, and likely not having an alarm built in, and looking like something i could probably copy with a trip to hobby lobby - it's never going to happen.
but hello gold!
and while this has absolutely no business in my home, it's pretty neat.
it forces you out of bed because you have to step on it to shut it up.

i think i like the first one best.
i think i might just get it.

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