Friday, August 1, 2008

some things

my new friend, stacy, is so neat, i can't stand it.
i totally have a girlcrush - she wears the greatest shirts! she bakes (no kidding) the best cookies i've ever tasted!
anyway, this morning i got a link from her with no note, and i knew it was going to be awesome... and it was.
these little felt guys by girlsavage on etsy are so wonderful and beautiful - i really want this
loch ness monster "feltidermy"
isn't he fantastic?

but then there's also narwal, and i'm the biggest marine bio geek ever, so i love him

but more than any of them, i love and want this feltidermy jackelope.
being a proud texan, i love the jackelope.
i think i might truly need this guy for my apartment.

i want him!
look at his sweet little ears.
oh man, girlsavage, i'll trade you a hexapus for this guy.

but then while i'm at it, here are some of stacy's incredible cookies.
these are dried strawberry and coriander - rolled in light pink sugar.
i could eat my body weight in them.

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