Tuesday, August 5, 2008


while i'm thinking about dinosaurs and robots, now might be the time to share the #1 place on my wish-list.
it's pleo - a 1 week old robotic dinosaur whose sensory system of 40 "devices" enable sight, touch, and free movement - so says john frost on the disney blog.
pleo is incredible - the videos of him on the disney blog are adorable - and the coolest thing about him is that he can express emotions that he bases on his own life experiences.
he starts out as a baby camarasaurus, but then he develops a personality, mood and habits - he even has three stages of development (hatchling, infant and juvenile) and expresses a range of emotions from lively and playful to sad or confused.
it beats the hell out of a tomagachi and a furby, for sure.

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