Thursday, August 7, 2008


the new york times recently covered director roland emmerich's 1830's london townhouse, which was designed by john teall.
while i don't think i would ever want to live there, the photos tickled me.
there's a great slideshow with the article.
it's worth checking out just to see a life size waxwork statue of pope john paul ii, and a diarama of john f kennedy's assassination - amongst other wonders.
my favorite room was the english bedroom (above)
i love the print on the walls, the gold sculptures, and especially the photo and the diana and charles dolls in the fireplace.

a birdcage modeled after the whitehouse, and a statue of arnold schwarzenegger inspired by "the thinker"

i've always wanted chalkboard walls.
the desk is made from the wing of a WWII plane, and the chair once belonged to a military dentist.
i really love the barbie ball too

photos: gavin jackson/arcade for the new york times

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Holland said...

I like the two leather medicine balls on the table. They are an overlooked touch that helps date the room, kind of establishes an era.