Wednesday, August 27, 2008


french sailor's shirt

seen above is my absolute favorite top i own. actually, i love it so much i have three.
it would be a terrible understatement to say that i love stripes - more accurate to say that i feel like a million bucks in a sailor inspired boatneck top.
on a recent shopping trip with the lovely lady, ct, i picked up two new ones (one is organic cotton and perfectly baggy and soft with a little pocket over the left side (heaven!)), and it was then that i realized i have a problem with stripes.
it's because deep down in my heart of hearts, i think i'm actually jacques cousteau.*

french sailor's shirt

steven alan gathered sweater

sea silk dress with pintucks

rag and bone striped silk camisole

seriously? why don't i have this already?

rails peyton long sleeve stripe tee

french national navy sailor shirt

comete hood breton fishing sweatshirt
even better perfection - cozy and lovely.
i'm going to need to get some black capris to wear with this guy.

* sometimes i also think i'm lil' wayne, but that's mostly when i'm running, or when i'm on the subway at rush hour, and i'm feeling particularly tough.

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