Monday, December 21, 2009

all my life i've been told you must take the baby from the crocodile

All my life I've been told you must take the baby from the crocodile and give it back to its mother.
You must never take it away from its mother and give it back to the crocodile!!

I walk into the library. I see a hole in the line of books. I fit my book into the hole,
And slam it into place.

Every star on the US flag is a piece of Japanese cabinetry. Is a
White lacquer box openable on every side but one.

Who's locked out at this wedding? Only the bride and the groom.
And who was that child sent sprawling rather than let him catch the bouquet?

I admire the duck. He sits up straight. He zooms on top of the water. And
He has a rubber effigy beloved of children.

Pygmalion had the right idea. He deserved his reward. For he had a statue but he wanted a girl;
Most guys have a girl but they want a statue.

Madrid! who do you think you're fooling with all this talk of animals and statues?
You are yourself a box out of which a pair of newlyweds are locked.

a ghazal from anthony madrid
sent by my brother (who is the best)

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