Friday, September 25, 2009

oh my word, celeste, i love you

Celeste:  have I told you my UN as high school image

Me:  no

Celeste:  the UN is like high school

Obama, obviously, is the cute sensitive smart quarterback
the freddie prinz jr of the UN if you will

england/gordon brown is the witty not so cute best friend of the popular guy and therefore cool by association
he's smarter
but lacks the looks

france is the hot asshole

there's the nerdy table that wants to be friends with the cool guys
like korea

there's the weird kid who shows up to school in a cape
that's Libya
or N Korea

and the effortlessly cool clique of the danes, finns, and swedes

the stoners
canada and such

the partiers
south america

the aussie is the beer guzzling football linebacker

you know


I like thinking of obama as freddie prinze jr
with his little posse

Me: hahahahahahahaha!

Celeste:  germany doesn't like to get in trouble but is kept around because their parents are rich and have a nice house/is smart and has a good reputation when they get caught for hijinks

greece is the dude who pees in a vase at a party...
now I'm just getting into random stereotypes.

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