Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"some trivial rhymes made up mostly in the car"

Wiener wiener 'gainst the wall
Throbbing peter playing Paul
All the sutras all the Zen
Suited up to go and then

Uncle Knuckle said to Thumb
Neil and I will knock the drum
Nice bazookas Katie Jenn
All the sutras all the Zen

Russian poet break the law
Reading Headgear Ollan Paw
Katerina and Ivan
Kissing coming going gone

Robin's egg and autumn sky
What immortal hand or eye
Autumn sky and hatching same
What the hammer what the chain

Gott in Himmel Lieder singt
Imprecise and indistinct
Indecisively distressed
Flashy orange microdress

And now I lay me down to weep
Flip the bird my soul to keep
Pass the psalter Walter muck
What's the matter what the fuck

Final verse before I die
Primal eldest curse is why
Else the Puck a liar call
Isopropyl alcohol.

-poem by my brother's friend, anthony madrid.

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